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Our focus is on core developer techniques and the practice of agile design. Agile development is the most efficient, effective & powerful Web Developer methodology as it helps to produce a superior product in the shortest amount of time.

We are actively engaged in the open source programming community, which is evident in our production servers and code. Notably: Ubuntu Linux, Apache, PHP & MySQL.

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Our focus is NOT on how to categorize you or your business, but on how to develop, redevelop and build a better end product for you.

Better Programming - Greater Design - Superior Product.

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Iterative & Agile Design Process

What is agile web design & development?

Agile web development uses project managers, software engineers and business analysts, to help emphasize clearer goals, planning, and iterative delivery. It ensures the successful completion of the product at the end of each iteration.

The agile web development model follows planning, requirement analysis, designing, coding, testing, and documentation developing stages in parallel. Successful interaction reaches toward successful completion of the application because of customer involvement; hence, you’re never met with the condition where you have to change the product due to changes in requirements. Correct decisions have to be taken into account by keeping customers' confidence and minimizing delays of the product. All tasks are performed within given period with just enough documentation to be absolutely effective.

Agile Development / Programming Methodology Diagram
Agility is... Strategy, Release, Iteration, Daily and Continuous Development through Values: adaptability, transparency, simplicity, unity; and Visibility: burn-down, velocity, burn-up, tests; you get Working Software. One Team - Accelerate Delivery.


  • Shorter time line
  • Refined team
  • Clear planning
  • Concise documentation

Due to the regular involvement and feedback of the customer, their custom built application is more error free, more requirement oriented and more user friendly. Tasks such as planning, development, design, coding, testing, etc. are all done simultaneously (driven by the customer's demands) reducing the development cycle time. The documentation of the application is less formal, to reduce the time taken and to be more human friendly.

When all of these tasks are brought together into a refined, iterative process; you end up having the most powerful design methodology helping you to sculpt a superior end product.