Portfolio Profile: Windsor Essex Home Builders Association

The Windsor Essex Home Builders’ Association is a voluntary organization that represents the Residential Building industry in Windsor and Essex County. The member companies of the WEHBA are home builders, offer house construction materials for sale, and perform home renovations in Windsor and Essex County. WEHBA members enjoy benefits including public representation, advocacy to local, provincial, and federal governments, access to education and training, awards and recognition, and more. The WEHBA helps consumers find trusted and certified professionals for all of their home construction needs, and helps member companies gain recognition and further their businesses.

The WEHBA needed a website that would highlight all of the information about the organization, provide resources to consumers, and spotlight the companies that are a part of the association. NYNDESIGNS designed and developed a website for them that allows the WEHBA to easily add new member companies to the directory and have them automatically sorted by name and type directly through webOS. They can also add more information and articles to their website the same way. This allows them to keep their members and the public up-to-date with the latest information.

visit: www.windsoressexhomebuilders.ca

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