Portfolio Profile: Latchkey Day Care & Learning Centre

Latchkey Day Care & Learning Centres are committed to providing their students with a positive and caring atmosphere that supports learning and development while offering a great variety of programs to fit all types of different needs. With fifteen locations throughout the area, Latchkey Day Care & Learning Centres is one of the most visible and trusted names in early childhood education in Windsor and Essex County.

Latchkey needed a website that would not only allow parents and guardians to find out about the available programs, but allow them to register their children and make payments online. NYNDESIGNS created a website with an integrated registration system where Latchkey can track who has signed up for a program at each location, as well as payments made through PayPal, in the same place where they go to update their website content - web OS. We also handled all of the branding and print materials for Latchkey, including business cards, magnets, and brochures, all using the same vibrant presentation as their website. We also handled specialty projects for them, including designing branded clothing items, creating presentations for them, and more.

visit: www.latchkey.ca

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