Portfolio Profile: University of Windsor - OHREA

The University of Windsor looked to NYN DESIGNS to implement a work-flow to ensure that purchasing decisions adhere to the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Different products and services have different criteria when it comes to meeting Accessibility Standards. Administrators at the University of Windsor required a tool to streamline their process on a case by case basis ensuring that these standards are acknowledged and met. They had a solution on paper and needed a development team to produce the working product.

NYN DESIGNS was tasked with developing a web-based tool that the University could quickly integrate within its existing network to track the criteria for each Purchase Request made on campus.

The solution we delivered was two-fold:

  • A web-based categorization tool that Campus Purchasers will use when submitting a purchase request for approval. Answering a few simple questions regarding the product, service and chosen vendor; the Purchaser is provided tailored documentation to bundle with their request showing compliance with current legislation.
  • A tracking and administration component to manage the application and the documents server. The Application Administrator can manage product and service categories, attach documents and review the history of requests made. A control form also allows the Administrator to tailor the language used throughout the work-flow as requirements change over time; facilitating self-maintenance without needing additional IT development.

As part of the development, the application is integrated with the University's electronic Authentication / Group Policy system to ensure only relevant parties are using the system. This integration also means users reuse their existing credentials, eliminating the need for additional account management.

visit: www.uwindsor.ca/ohrea/accessibility

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