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Where’s your organization on the high performance culture scale?

Peak Consulting analyzes corporations & organizations to highlight communication, connectedness, knowledge and leadership in enterprise networks along the following dimensions: Strategic Direction and Intent, Goals and Objectives, Vision, Coordination and Integration, Agreement, Core Values, Organizational Learning, Customer Focus, Creating Change, Empowerment, Team Orientation, Capability Development; and sport teams to identify emergent leaders and strengthen team chemistry.

In order to accomplish their mission: to "be the trusted source for building and sustaining your high performance culture" they required a management system to help them create, organize and assign surveys; advertise, promote and announce workshops; publish articles -- and a public web site to capture survey results 24/7; allow individuals / companies to sign-up for workshops; get information on services; and to read the latest, helpful information about being a leader, business culture and other important topics.

Through the creation of a suite of custom Web OS applications Peak Consulting Group staff can easily:

  • Create & manage survey respondents; organize them into groups with detailed demographics and information; retrieve information on individuals or groups and print or export them (CSV, PDF, Excel).
  • Add various surveys (Network Analysis, Mastery, A or B), group survey questions into categories & groups, assign multiple respondent groups (with the ability to "one-click notify" each group or new group members VIA email), view collected results per group or individual, print & export results (for further analysis). Future abilities include viewing results as graphs within Web OS in various formats (Spider, bar, circumplex charts, etc).
  • Announce paid / free workshops; manage payments, registration dates / times; view registered workshop attendees; manually add / remove attendees.
  • Promote new workshops, surveys and articles through email marketing -- add, remove and export list contacts (new survey respondents are automatically added to mailing lists); create, manage and preview marketing campaigns; view and export campaign results.
  • Add, update and publish articles or news.

The custom, public web site allows:

  • Visitors to understand how Peak Consulting Group can help their enterprise or team - through easy to access and understand, visual & informative guides.
  • Respondents to login; access / update account settings; view and complete new surveys; and view past surveys.
  • Anyone to read articles; look-up, view and register for workshops; contact Peak Consulting Group on-line.


visit: www.peakconsulting.ca

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