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Do you think someone with a certain name is more likely to be successful in school? Or perhaps think that eating certain foods indicates your political preferences? Even if you don't think so, you might at a sub-conscious level.

Originally developed by scientists at the University of Washington, an Implicit Association Test (IAT) is designed to identify these hidden correlations by presenting a test subject with stimuli (words, images, etc) from different concepts. With each stimuli, the participant is required to provide a response based on changing criteria as quickly as possible. Using statistical analysis on the delay of the expected response, researchers hope to identify whether someone makes these associations and how strongly they make them.

Recently, researchers at the University of Windsor desired a cost-effective yet easy-to-access package that would allow them to host and administer an IAT on their own system without third party dependencies. Existing solutions were rejected as over-budget, built on outdated technology, or not customizable. After a consultation with NYN DESIGNS, we were tapped to develop a custom solution that could accomplish what they needed.

Our experience in custom web design allowed us to quickly deliver a simple web-browser based implementation. Look and Feel was tailored to their exact specification. Experimental variables are fully controllable by the researcher from their own computer. Working with the Universities IT department, researchers at the school can have a new IAT ready to administer in minutes. The data collected is easily exported to most Statistical packages for analysis.

We are proud to contribute our skills and expertise to scientific research, and appreciate that the University of Windsor looks to NYN DESIGNS to deliver a solution.

visit: www.uwindsor.ca/psychology

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