Portfolio Profile: Coretek Services

Coretek Services is a Michigan-based IT solutions provider, specializing in transitioning enterprise clients to cloud-based services. They have worked with clients in areas such as healthcare, education, finance, retail and more to modernize their workflow, make collaboration easier and increase their security online.

Coretek chose NYNDESIGNS to design and develop a modern web presence for them that houses all of the features they needed in one centralized location. The solution we created for Coretek met a long list of requirements they had, including:

Modern Website Design:
Coretek offers leading-edge IT solutions to their customers, and needed a design that reflected their brand and and services in a modern, easy to navigate way. The website we designed and developed for them displays their solutions, resources, events, company information and more in a way that’s easy makes it easy for people to find the information they need, and that presents Coretek in the best light possible.

Tailored Content Management System:
With webOS, Coretek can easily manage all of their pages, create and manage events, view analytics and more. This system is designed to make their workflow easier, and to make it simpler for multiple users to manage the Coretek website.

Events Management System:
Coretek can post and accept registration and payment for events directly through their website. They can also manage and export registration lists and details directly from webOS, the same system they use to manage their website content. With this system, Coretek can easily manage both in-person and virtual events.

Predictive Site Search:
Our custom integrated site search tool was customized for Coretek to include predictive text and results separated by category. This makes it even easier for users to find the exact service or page they’re looking for.


visit: www.coretek.com

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