Portfolio Profile: InspectionAir Gauge

InspectionAir Gauge, a part of the Canadian Engineering and Tool Co. group of companies, specializes in the design and manufacturing of gauging systems for the automotive sector and other industries. The gauging products they supply to their customers include check fixtures, precision gauges and 3D non-contact systems. With state-of-the-art equipment and over four decades of experience, InspectionAir Gauge has earned their reputation for quality work and effective project management for all of their customers.

We designed a modern new website for InspectionAir Gauge that highlights the range of gauging products they offer their customers and their modern facility and examples of their work. We also worked with InspectionAir Gauge to develop the content for their website, making sure that each page of their website delivers the information and messages that they want to get across. With webOS, they can easily add more photos to any of the galleries of their work, update the content about their Products and Departments so the latest information about what they offer is always available online and more.

visit: www.inspectionair.com

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