Portfolio Profile: Termax Parts Database Application

Termax Corporation is an engineering and manufacturing company that provides metal, plastic and rubber fastening system to customers around the world. With operations in Canada, the United States, Mexico and China, Termax has global reach to meet the fastener needs of clients from across the globe.

To go along with their new website, Termax needed a replacement for their existing parts application that allows users to find the right type of fasteners and get more information. Their previous application was difficult to scale to include additional parts, categories and information types and they needed a replacement that would not only allow them to bring the information about their current selection of parts to the public now, but also continue to grow as their inventory expands in the future.

NYNDESIGNS custom developed the Termax Parts Database Application alongside the new Termax website to display their entire parts catalog and make it accessible on any device. This search engine includes their entire database of parts and displays that right on their website thanks to the API we developed for the application so they only have to update their inventory once and it becomes accessible to users both on the website and when they sign into the TMX Parts Search Engine application.

Termax has direct control on which measurement columns are available for each part, allowing them to control what information is displayed with each. They can also add as many new products and product categories as they want to thanks to scalable design. Termax can control which products have downloads associated with them, and have administrator controls to find out more about who has accessed these downloads and control how many times they can download these files.

Moving forward, NYNDESIGNS continues to work with Termax to add new features to the application to help them do more with it and use it to help more areas of their business work better. To learn more about how we can custom develop a web app for your company, contact us today and we would be happy to discuss your application needs and how we can best meet them.

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