Portfolio Profile: TXON GRP

TXON GRP is a Windsor-based supplier of fibre-reinforced plastics to contractors and public construction projects. They offer lighter, tougher, better and green products used to reinforce the stability of large-scale projects, especially those in moisture-rich areas that can place a significant strain on traditional reinforcement products. They offer fabrics, fibre boards, fibres, meshes, and rebars that are suitable for a wide variety of applications, and they also engage in extensive research and development to improve and show the durability of their products.

We designed a custom website for TXON GRP which shows off their products and lets people know what sets them apart from other reinforcement products. Their website also includes extensive information on the company's history, research and development, completed projects, and more. The TXON GRP website is fully responsive for all devices, making it easier for clients to learn more about them from anywhere, while webOS makes it easy for them to keep their content up-to-date and bring their latest projects and products to the public.

visit: www.txongrp.com

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