Portfolio Profile: CASPie Caregiver Availability App

For organizations that provide caregivers to work with seniors, there are a number of challenges in matching up their clients with the right qualified individual. From considering availability to their willingness and ability to work with clients with specific needs and habits, pairing their clients with the perfect caregiver has always been a challenge for many senior care organizations. With that in mind, NYNDESIGNS developed CASPie, a web app designed to meet the challenges of scheduling and connecting the right employee with the clients that need them.

CASPie allows senior care organizations to easy organize their caregivers’ availability, skills, locations that they can work, and vacation requests all in one central location. CASPie allows caregivers to submit their availability on a custom schedule determined by their organization, send in vacation requests, and the app stores detailed information about each caregiver and their skills, work hour requirements, and availability in order to best pair them with clients.

CASPie makes it simpler for caregivers and admin staff to make sure that caregivers are available for enough hours to meet their working requirements, factors in vacation days, and allows for requests for time off to be approved or denied right through the system. The app also accounts for holidays to make sure everybody has the opportunity to submit their schedule in time. CASPie also provides automated reminders if a schedule hasn’t been submitted, allows admin staff to edit completed schedules, and notifies users when changes to their availability have been made.

CASPie is responsive for any device, meaning that caregivers can easily fill out their availability schedule from a phone or tablet, which can be a great help in an industry where the employees are continually travelling between locations to work with different clients. This is also a scalable application, meaning that features can be added or expanded without needing to start the application over again from scratch.

CASPie is currently in use by caregiver organizations in both Canada and the United States, and the app can be customized to meet the needs of each individual organization that is using it.

visit: www.caspie.io

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