Portfolio Profile: WDBA Interactive "How a Road is Built"

As part of their new Kid Construction Zone section, WDBA turned to NYNDESIGNS to design and develop an interactive and information new page to describe How a Road is Built. This page teaches children and provides teachers with a resource describing the steps in constructing a road as part of the Gordie Howe International Bridge Project.

In order to bring this section to life, NYNDESIGNS custom illustrated each step of the process of building this new road in a way designed to be appealing and easy to follow for younger website visitors. We also created animations to help make the section more interactive, including movement for vehicles, machinery, and more. Our web development team also implemented interactive spots on the page with information to help visitors learn more about the process and view photos of each step.

Like the rest of the WDBA website, this section is designed and developed to be fully accessible, with alternative text available for each image and section of the page, and a layout designed to be easily navigated using a screen reader. The How to Build a Road page is also fully internationalized in English and French, with all text and alternative descriptions available in both official languages. The page is also responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, with all of the interactive components being available no matter what screen size or device it is being visited on.

We are proud to have been a part of bringing this educational material to the public and helping people of all ages learn more about the Gordie Howe International Bridge Project.

visit: www.wdbridge.com/en/how-a-road-is-built

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