Portfolio Profile: Jesse Durocher Photography

Jesse Durocher is a freelance photographer in Windsor, Ontario that has taken pictures professionally throughout Canada, from Southwestern Ontario to the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Jesse specializes in photographing a wide range of subjects, including landscapes, wildlife, architecture, travel, and more. Jesse’s wide range of subjects and experience have allowed him to develop an impressive portfolio of unique and compelling photographs, and with his experience is able to offer clients his photographic talents for almost any project.  

Jesse needed a website that would show off his existing work as well as enable him to easily reach new clients who are interested in his photography services. NYNDESIGNS designed and developed a fully-responsive website for Jesse that shows his work in a portfolio that he controls and can add to through webOS, including allowing him to dynamically sort his pictures into categories that he can create and edit. His creative work is also protected, as his images are displayed in a way that prevents visitors from copying and downloading them from his website.

visit: www.jessedurocher.com

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