Portfolio Profile: CCRetirees

CCRetirees Organization represents the current and future retired salaried employees of Fiat Chrysler Canada. They help advocate on behalf of these retirees, assist in connecting them with benefits and special discount programs, and keeps them in touch with the latest information that directly impacts on them and their families. This is a not-for-profit organization that helps keep Fiat Chrysler retirees connected and informed, and makes sure they can take advantage of every event, benefit, and opportunity that is available to them.

NYNDESIGNS worked with CCRetirees to create a website for them that was specifically designed for the use of their membership. This meant designing it so that it was easy to view, had information clearly displayed with a minimal amount of clicking and scrolling for visitors to find what they are looking for, and one that has a clear and appealing layout. We also developed website features that allow members to easily be a part of the organization - new membership and renewal forms complete with online or mail-in payment options, a news feed of the latest events, a Members-only with an access code to view information on benefits and other important subjects, and a form allowing members to easily and directly write to their MPP about the issues the organization is currently advocating on.

visit: www.ccretirees.org

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