Portfolio Profile: Running Factory

Running Factory is the leading destination for walking and running shoes in Windsor, as well as clothing and accessories, and have been supporting and developing the running and walking community in Essex County for over twenty years. They offer an excellent selection of men’s and women’s running shoes, athletic apparel, and running accessories, and also offer clinics and support community running events.

NYNDESIGNS designed an e-commerce website for Running Factory that links their online sales and in-store Point of Sale system to the same inventory database, meaning that whether they make a sale on their website or in the store, their records are up-to-date.  Running Factory’s website allows customers to purchase any of their products and register for clinics and special events online. NYNDESIGNS also handled branding for Running Factory, redesigning their logo and ensuring that their brand and message are consistent across their website and in their marketing materials.

visit: www.runningfactory.com

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