Client Consultation:
Discuss / Plan / Software Engineer / Iterate

Client Consultations & Vision

We use an iterative approach to our development process, as research has shown that a client’s requirements are better realized as the project progresses & evolves into more structured, practical and solidified requirements. This means that our clients are more involved in their / our projects, allowing the real functionality they desire, and more importantly require to exist in the end product. To accomplish this, we utilize an iterative approach to client consultation - keeping the client's vision in focus and the development process on track.

Transparency - Our Approach to Effective Consultation

We will provide an initial one-hour discovery meeting at no charge.

With client approval, we will submit an estimate for the preparation of a detailed project outline with detailed costs, based upon current needs, for review, discussion, amendment and approval. All development will be undertaken to permit optimum, cost-efficient expansion to accommodate future needs, minimizing or, ideally, eliminating costly retro-fit programming.

At NYNDESIGNS, we are dedicated to clarity and collaboration. To schedule your free, one-hour discovery meeting… Contact us today at 1.888.800.1851.