Web Apps from NYNDESIGNS

Grow your business, improve your web presence and increase your profits with web apps by NYNDESIGNS.

Complete content, database and social control for today’s modern business world!


Web Operating System

Quickly & easily manage your Website content & database, social media and business securely online! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any device with a browser.

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Fast and easy management!

Manage your Real Estate listings through a revolutionary form system. Connect to Facebook, get detailed visitor statistics and daily backups.

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SOCIALIZE for facebook

Connect your business to the social network! Socialize, our powerful social networking web app that intelligently connects your website content, pages and products to Facebook and its millions of users.

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SOCIAL t w e e t e r

Drive traffic to your products and website! Social Tweeter is an intelligent web app which helps to drive traffic to your newly added and updated content, products and pages through Twitter.

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TICKET management suite

Online venue, event and tickets!

Create, organize and manage your events and series with Ticket Management Suite. Integrated e-commerce, point of sale, ticket printing and more.

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CUSTOM BUILT applications

Need an custom built web app for your business?

Contact the team at NYNDESIGNS to set up a consultation today! They can build what you need to get your business growing online!

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