more features

Manage all sales & accounts for online & offline users; exchange & return any ticket at any event or venue from any location with anytime box office!

sales management

Accurately track all sales (cash, debit, credit, pay-pal) as well as user data and other information and easily export to an Excel file.


Collect and track donations. Generate tax receipts and easily export to an Excel file.


Change reccuring membership fees and easily export to an Excel file.

e-mail marketing

Branded Drip E-mail

exchanges & returns

Exchange concert or series tickets for other dates. Automatically re-pooling of exchanged tickets for resale - both online and internally!

anytime box office

Sell and manage client relations anywhere with a laptop, printer and internet access.

anywhere venues

Templates configure and scale any location on a per series or per event basis.

on demand ticket printing

Automatically sends print request direct to printer from user web browser - no need for intermediary or third party program.

facebook tabs / apps

Customized & branded facebook tabs allow users to browse, recommend & like series, events and concerts directly from any facebook page.

account management

Track both web and non-web accounts in an all encompassing database.

real time statistics

Real time statistics give a complete overview of online traffic.

news feeds

News feeds allow anyone to subscribe to new and upcoming series, events and concerts.


Search Engine Optimization. Expert, automated chronological systems dramatically improve rankings on Facebook, Google, Bing and other providers.

scheduled backups

Ensure your data won’t become lost or corrupted - Revert back or save your own copies!

content control

Set when your concerts, series and events become available online and are to be removed from your website - saving you from tedious tasks!

private hosting

Securely online 24 / 7 from any device with a browser. Providing quick access to your website. Reliable, fast, secure and optimized!

advanced CRM

Web OS is designed to seamlessly accommodate enhanced CRM applications as they are identified.

shared app & feature development

Develop shared or similar web applications and features in parallel with another project or business and save money!

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