Ticket Management Suite Case Study:
Windsor Symphony Orchestra

Historically, the WSO had subcontracted all of its box office functions to what had been its sole and subsequently primary performance venue, The Chrysler Theatre.

Those services, which were in addition to costs for rental of that facility for 19 of the 60 plus concerts performed each season, were consistently in the range of $55,000 per annum and included costs generated by its ticketing system subcontractor (TixHub); surcharges on credit card transactions; and per ticket printing and processing charges for "remote" venues, comp tickets and sponsored educational programs.


While those costs were an issue for the Symphony, the realization that, over time, the organization had abdicated its role and responsibilities as primary point of contact with its patrons, was deemed to be even more significant. Subscription and single ticket sales for all WSO performances were being handled by a third party, which meant that customer service, seat selection, data collection, ticket purchases, order fulfillment, exchanges and even donations were not being handled by Symphony personnel. Even patrons purchasing online were directed to the TixHub website, which handled events for multiple presenters. Patrons and supporters were displaying attitudes of disconnection with the WSO brand.

In addition, the existing WSO database was no longer adequate. The installed software was in need of an upgrade. Due to a series of custom retrofits, it was extremely difficult to use. An update that would simplify reporting and analyses of patron, donor and sponsor histories and records was essential to support customer service and sales, as well as fundraising efforts in both traditional and digital media channels.

While the Chrysler box office handled data revenue collection and reports accurately and efficiently, updating WSO data records had to be input manually: a time-consuming, inefficient and costly exercise.

There was also a pressing need for simplified website management, including secure online transactional capabilities residing with the WSO.

The solution: Web OS — a centralized, scalable operating system with automated ticketing and administrative capabilities for any location, integrated data and website management and social media — to reduce costs and dramatically increase controls, productivity and digital marketing efficiencies on the near term, while accommodating agile and seamless development of Customer Service Management (CRM) applications as those needs evolved.

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