Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.):
Increase Page Rank / Appear First In Search Engines / Drive Web Traffic

Do you want to stay competitive in today’s economy by driving more traffic, leads and sales to your website?

Our team of professionals at NYN DESIGNS will help you today. Targeted traffic is the best source for new leads and sales for any online business. This can be your reality with SEO services from a Windsor SEO company and a well planned online marketing strategy.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing your website's organic traffic on the terms (keywords & phrases) people are searching for in relation to the content on your website and the services you offer. Search Engines such as Google, Ask, Bing and Yahoo!, provide relevant search results to internet users typing in these key search words but your website may be lost in the results. SEO allows your website to become more accessible to these common search engines by providing your website / various website pages that result in your site being listed among the top results. Increasing traffic flow to your website while creating potential sales, leads and marketing opportunities has never been easier!

Why ethical SEO is important (and why we practice what we preach)!

Bad search engine tactics and techniques will not only hurt your business now but later on as well! How often have you received an email offer for a “too good to be true” online exposure package that guarantees you the top spot in all the search result lists? The answer is probably more than once and yet we all know that famous saying “Rome wasn't built in a day”. So why would anyone actually believe that their website could reach the #1 spot in Google Search Results over night? The truth is that it’s very highly unlikely as search engines are constantly changing and evolving every day. Bad development practices usually end up hurting your ranking and will unfortunately cause your website to basically disappear in most, if not all, online search results. Problems such as flooding back-links that have no relevance, writing only for “search engines” and not for “people”, keyword stuffing (and it goes on and on) are just the start of what most of our competitors are guilty of. Until that trail is removed, your so called “SEO Provider” is causing you to stay in the negative; leaving your website and business behind. At NYNDESIGNS we're aware of these problems and instead build your website on proven development techniques and ethical SEO, practicing what we preach, networking your niche!

Why professional website development matters?

Ok, your website is online; it looks nice and was designed by a professional graphic artist or website designer and it's easy to use - life is good, right? Except for one major thing… and it’s this one thing that only true Web Professional understands: "How a human user interacts with your website is not at all the same way that a software search engine does!" Where is the repeat button? The reality is that there are countless technical requirements to adhere to in order to satisfy a search engine like Google. These can range from coding, code structure & organization, implementation of other technologies, and how fast your website loads among many more requirements.

NYN DESIGNS is not just a website design, development and branding company; we are also experts in SEO. Our own website consistently ranks more frequently on the first page for multiple search terms & queries and generates more traffic than that of our local competitors. We practice what we preach; and it works!

We think a great deal about how your website is developed; as much as we do about your website content, web design & branding, external marketing and social campaigns. Our SEO service is backed by professionals with years of experience & education, certifications recognized by Google and proven techniques.”

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