Online Marketing:
Strategic Planning / Ideas & Originality / Custom Branding / Innovative
Development / Social Distribution

Our online marketing solutions will get your business noticed and growing online! Online Marketing, the creation of custom and original visual material and written content used to generate leads and sales, is increasingly popular because it works. Websites with keyword rich content, YouTube videos, image galleries, blog posts and articles consistently appear on the first page of Google search results, increasing their reach to an online audience. Our plan is to get your business on the first page! We apply the same high standards to your online marketing that you do to the rest of your business!


Understanding your audience is the best way to determine their needs and interests so that your business can appeal to them properly; service wise and in an entertaining way. Advertising to your clientele and even attracting new customers is much easier if you know what they are searching for most and keeping those key words on your pages. By keeping your web pages visually interesting and memorable you can peak their interest and continued interest in your company. How do we do this? At NYNDESIGNS we can make a creative plan and get it in motion!

Social Networking

Sharing your creativity and promoting your services across the correct social media channels will get others sharing, liking and talking about your creativity and services! We won’t just craft your brand – we will build its online presence where the majority of web users spend their time – The Social Network! If networking is important; online networking is imperative. If you want to stay competitive in today’s market consider how sharing your brand, services, articles and more with the countless potential clients on the juggernauts of Facebook and Twitter will positively impact your business. Online marketing 24 /7 allowing others to advertise your brand by sharing it with friends and colleagues. At NYNDESIGNS we can integrate social networking right into your custom website design and get your branded image on the social network while keeping both pages (your business website & business Facebook page) synced and up to date!

Targeted Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Promote or advertise your business, products, web site, Facebook page, events & more — with a Facebook ad or sponsored story! Let us setup, run & manage your social campaigns based on what you want to promote and your objectives.

SEO & Custom Web Development

OK, your website is online; it looks nice and was designed by a professional graphic artist or website designer and it's easy to use — life is good, right? A true web professional understands that how a user interacts with your website is not the same way that a search engine does! Click here to learn more about what SEO is and how we can help you drive more traffic and business to your website!