Mobile Design & Development:
Mobile-Sites for Smartphones & Tablets

Reach your "on the go" customers

Online business and social connecting are no longer confined to the desktop and laptop as smartphones and tablets have now drastically changed the way the business world works! NYNDESIGNS has the mobile design and development you need to get your content, products and information in the hands of mobile users everywhere at anytime!

It’s all right here...

Details & Gallery

From larger tablets to smaller smartphones, your mobile visitors will have COMPLETE ACCESS to your FULL content information and image galleries!

Customizable MOBILE!

Customizing your Mobile Site has never been easier! What changes you make on your website will update immediately on your mobile site. Have a branded look? Your branded look will continue on your mobile page. Brand consistency gone mobile!

ONE Domain Name is all you need for both Web & Mobile Sites

Need a new Website & Mobile-site? Already have a business website with a domain name? No Problem!

With a Mobile Site from NYNDESIGNS all you need is 1 domain name. How easy is that!? When a visitor enters your domain name on a smartphone, your site will seamlessly redirect them to the mobile version enhancing their user experience complete with one touch buttons. No need for a multiple domains ever!

Tablet Friendly Searching

Need your site to look its best on Tablets too?

We have you covered! iPad & Android Tablet users will receive an optimized search allowing them to swipe through all you updated content, details and galleries.

Adaptive Layouts

Streamlining your website for mobile screens.

Want your website content to display correctly and uniformly on the many different types of smartphones and tablets that all have different screen sizes? Say Goodbye to the frustrating days of scrolling & zooming on your smartphone while viewing your website!

Say Hello to Adaptive Layouts for Mobile. An adaptive layout utilizes special coding techniques allowing your current web pages to automatically adjust to the resolution of a smartphone screen for the best user browsing experience. They are ideal for blogs and content websites that do not require heavy user interaction, support for offline capability, or device native features (like GPS or a camera).

Mobile Website Development

Your site redefined specifically for mobile.

Do you have (or want) a website that requires a heavy amount of interaction from its users and need a better way to view it on mobile platforms?

Mobile Website Development will ensure that your users receive a seamless experience completely tailored to address any and all mobile specific challenges such as navigation, data entry, visibility, and load times.

Mobile Website Development is the right solution for you if you want your clients to purchase products, access profiles, fill in detailed forms and interact with other users through your mobile website as they would on your desktop website.