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Google Apps Authorized Reseller and Enterprise Deployment Partner

We are a Google Apps Authorized Reseller and Enterprise Deployment Partner, helping commercial and enterprise organizations leverage cloud computing to dramatically reduce IT expenses, facilitate collaboration & evolve business functions.

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With extensive experience in a variety of industries, our certified Google Apps consultants can provide your organization with tailored expertise and help you realize the benefits of Google Apps by:

  • Analyzing your existing IT environment
  • Provide insight into the viability of Google Apps for your organization
  • Communicating projected cost and productivity benefits over your current system
  • Offering advice and solutions for your specific Google Apps concerns

What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is an online, web-based suite of revolutionary communication and collaboration products built on Google's infinitely scalable infrastructure.

With Google Apps you get:
  • Customized email addresses (ex:
  • Cost savings and improved productivity for your organization
  • No need to purchase additional hardware or software
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

Professionally Certified Google Apps Cloud Service Provider

Main Benefits:

  • Special pricing discounts
  • Priority alerts
  • Managed Enterprise Support
  • Peace of Mind - Certification is provided by Google only
Access, Share & Update your files & folders anywhere with your team, customers & partners. Start with 5MB and go up to 16TB!
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Google Apps Authorized Reseller & Enterprise Deployment Partner
We help commercial and enterprise organizations leverage their cloud computing to dramatically reduce their overall IT expenses, facilitate collaborations & evolve all their business functions.
Stay organized & on schedule with events, mobile reminders, attached files & docs, calendar sharing & publishing.