WebOS features & app library

Web OS is a powerful Web Operating System powering many online web applications! A secure online operating system, loaded with features that communicate with your website & social media; running custom built web apps for any business!

Intuitive & Time Saving Interface

Giving you full control over how you want to organize & accomplish tasks; the interface of Web OS was made for optimizing work flow to maximize multitasking.

The Content Management System

Dynamic. Scalable. Manageable. Web OS’s content management system enables fast control over all your content & databases. Set your content permissions, start/end/live/edit dates & you have the solution to keep everything visible to you when you need it most.

Automated SEO

Search Engine Optimization techniques are directly integrated into WebOS. It will submit your products, website pages & content to Google, Bing & Yahoo! keeping your search listings up to date & giving you a higher index ranking.

Social Networking Integration

Create a new business advertising leverage in the social network. With one click, WebOS + Socialize can create wall posts, share & advertise news, products, details, articles & anything else to the huge audience found on social media sites like Facebook 24 / 7!

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes)

QR codes give fast access to your business contact information & website. By scanning a QR code with a smart phone, anyone can visit your website, call you directly, send SMS, receive general info (ex. ticket info) & even interact with Facebook widgets such as check-in & like!

Integrated Support

Hello. How can we help you today? Get a fast response from our experts to the questions you have from within WebOS, 24x7. Web OS support tickets are easy to create and they keep you informed with automatic notifications & real time chat.

Scheduled Backups

Web OS ensures your data will not become lost or corrupted! Revert back to older saves or save your own copies yourself!

YouTube Galleries

Your web galleries are much more than just pictures on WebOS! Web OS integrates full HD videos into your website: Highlighting your products & ideas with streaming YouTube videos in seconds using any YouTube URL.

Cloud Storage & File Management

Store, access and manage your data & files on WEB OS' cloud storage. It's easy to use, drag-and-drop interface allows you to upload and access your data from anywhere in the world.

Google Maps

Google Maps right inside your website. Visitors never leave your website to find exactly where you are located. All your locations can have corresponding images, details & links - all editable & printable from your site! Maps & directions made so easy & focused on you!

RSS & Atom Feeds

Frequently need to publish updated content & works? Want an audience to share with? Give your visitors a richer web experience with RSS & Atom Feeds! Your blog enteries, news headlines & real estate listings are always on display for your subscribers to easily get to.

Private & Streamlined Hosting

Our web operating system, WebOS, is available securely online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; giving you & your employees access to your website, social media & business wherever & whenever! Reliable, secure, fast & optimized!


Completey PCI-DA standard compliant servers! Web OS runs over a SSL encrypted connection! Twice the grade that most online banks use! Feel beyond confident that your data is being transmitted & stored safely!

Shared Application &
Feature Development

Intuitively built, Web OS can develop shared or similar web applications & features in parallel with another project or business to save money.


You have full control with Web OS. Create accounts for others to manage & maintain your website. Limit their access or give full access. You decide who can do what & how much they can & cannot do.

Live Website Statistics

Web OS will show you who is visiting your website in real time. Get up to date, in depth stats! By better understanding your clients, you can better understand their needs & grow your business in the right direction.