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With the new year, the NYNdesigns team is proud to announce the up-coming release of our web application code base (version 2.0). With it comes new web site upgrades, enhancements and features that will help our clients blow away the competition online!

We will begin featuring fully integrated web sites with Facebook. The ability to like virtually anything - giving you additioanl exposure to potentially millions of Facebook users! The like feature can be added to any dynamic feature within your site or page.

Example: If you create an event within the CMS (Content Management System); not only will the page, content, linking and SEO be handled for the page (along with any other custom feature) - but it can now be liked directly from your website - instantly connecting it to a user's Facebook profile. Other Facebook users will be able to see your event on their wall and profile. At this point, anyone can like it right from within Facebook or click it and head directly to it's info page on your website. Most importantly though, the event information becomes searchable keywords from within Facebook!

If you like the "instant-chat" comment feeds that Facebook uses - you'll be pleased to hear that these can be added to almost anything on your website. Similar to the like button, they allow Facebook users to comment right on your website (connecting you to them and with other users). They appear within a facebook comment feed, along with their name and picture - and the comments can be automatically posted on the user's wall (if the user elects to have it added).

You'll also have the ability to create Facebook galleries, content and events.

Example Continued: Your CMS created event can now also be added to Facebook (note: this requires no work on your part - since it will be automatically added to Facebook by our system) so that users can RSVP, be invited, view promotional images and get other details on it. The images can be maintained and uploaded from directly within the CMS; as you manage the event for your web site - it will be managed automatically on Facebook. No micro-management, or duplicate tasks.

Over the next few months we'll be releasing several additional enhancements:

  • Manage and modify your Facebook business profile from your website or the CMS - allowing you to add graphics, promotional content (essentially jazzing it up and making it more relevant to your audience).
  • Update and Add to your Facebook feeds from within the CMS (ex. your status).
  • Member based sites will have the option to allow users to sign-up using their Facebook account (username and password); as well as sign-in using their Facebook account. For existing websites: Members will have the ability attach their Facebook account to their existing user account, allowing them to sign-in using their Facebook account. This both greatly speeds up the sign-up process - and likeliness that a user will become a member, as well as the sign-in process; enabling various social networking features.
  • Other social networking mediums
    • Twitter features coming soon!

These are just a few of the new Social Network (Socialize) enhancements, and just a fraction of the updates added to the new version of our code base. Please contact us for questions on how to get your site prepared, ready and connected to the evolution of the world wide web!

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News the new year, the NYNdesigns team is proud to announce the up-coming release of our web application code base (version 2.0). With it comes new web…Social Networking Made Easy - Get Connected with Facebook!trueWeb Design, Development, Programming and Hostingen