Senior Web Developer (Full-Time)

Are you a Web or Software Developer?

We want you to join our amazing team! As a Senior Web Developer at NYNDESIGNS you will participate in the planning, development, testing and maintenance of exciting web applications for a wide-array of industry.

Who are We?

NYNDESIGNS specializes in the development of (SMB) websites & web applications with offices located in Windsor, ON and Detroit, MI.

NYNDESIGNS delivers expert consultation services; critically supporting a wide range of enterprises in identifying their current and future business requirements. Subsequently, our software engineers & developers create custom web software to help manage critical business data, websites, social networking, administrative functions and online software.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work as an individual or within a team on small business to large enterprise (multi-year) projects, utilizing bleeding-edge technologies.

  • Engineer, develop and maintain source code, builds, scripts, installation procedures, and systems using source code control and issue tracking.

  • Consult (using software engineering principles) and correspond with clients.

  • Draft project specification documents.

  • Rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

  • Ensure quality of products and services according to standards, processes and procedures.

Job Perks

  • Flex-hours (come in a little late -- stay a little late)
  • Private office
  • Fun environment
  • Relaxed work atmosphere
  • Regular evaluations, raises and bonuses
  • Scheduled-time to design and build your own ideas into real world solutions
  • We're a growing company, which gives you plenty of opportunity to grow with us!
  • Become part of an amazing team of talented, driven professionals!

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications

University degree in Computer Science or a related discipline. 5+ years of related industry experience.

Core Competency Requirements

  • Proven experience and strong proficiency with web technologies and web frameworks.

Preferred Competency Requirements

  • Previous experience working on an agile software development team.

  • Experience with pre-processing, task-runners and other forms of development automation.

  • Experience with the following:

    • Mobile site and application development

    • Mobile-first (responsive) website development

    • Developing and consuming web services (i.e. SOAP, REST)

Degree Level

  • Master
  • Undergraduate


TBD (based on experience); Extremely competitive!

We counter and beat other offers
We can beat your current salary

Job Location

At our Windsor office which is conveniently located near downtown Windsor, on University Avenue West.

  • On-site parking is close, free and ample.
  • Several bus routes stop within a block of our entrance.

How to Apply / Application Information

Please submit your resume online here or contact us here if you have any questions.

* Multiple positions available

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Job Postings you a Web or Software Developer? We want you to join our amazing team! As a Senior Web Developer at NYNDESIGNS you will participate in the planning,…Senior Web Developer (Full-Time)trueWeb Design, Development, Programming and Hostingen