CMS Feature Design: Exciting Enhancements

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Our Content Management System has already received great respect and feedback amongst the local university computer science graduate student test candidates. It has also received great praise from our existing and new clients who have begun moving their business practices online, much through the use of our CMS technology. After all, we designed it with you in mind.

If you're thinking, "I'm too inexperienced with web technologies and applications, but I want an edge on our competition", our CMS is for you! It's been designed to grant even the most novice computer skilled users, the ability to finally control their dynamically driven web hub in a way that's never been seen before. If you're thinking, "I'm highly technical and have a vast background in various computer technologies, but how do I run my business and manage all of my web related tasks within a responsible time", our CMS is for you! All of the features within the CMS can be designed, developed and customized to suit your style and evolving requirements. We code each feature to be intuitive, allowing novice & power users to easily get their work done.

The NYNdesigns Content Management System also contains many additional tools to increase your web site's, and thus your business' , value. Many of these tools evolve as new and upcoming technologies emerge on the web. In this article, I'm going to quickly cover one such tool: Web Site Statistics.

With the click of a button on the main menu, you'll be instantly surrounded by your web site's statistics; from detailed visitor counts, with country listings & browser types all organized in tabular form or graphs; to information regarding which keywords users entered in search engines to arrive at your site There are many propitiatory based statistical systems offered by large, bloated hosting companies. Most of these are either out-dated, offer you no valuable information unless you pay for it, or lack the proper features to give you purpose to use them.

At NYNdesigns we are a firm believer in sharing our knowledge and expertise throughout the development community. We often build & develop tools within the open source community and have design & publishing credit on a vast array of distinct web tools used throughout the web (we've even seen some of our tools used by many of the other web design companies locally).

Though our CMS is 100% designed and owned by us (a NYNdesigns proprietary development project), if we can incorporate a great open source tool into it's framework as a plug-in, why would we send a bill to you? This is why we can offer the web's best site statistical tools for absolutely no additional charge, when you use the CMS with your web site or back-end.

If you're familiar with us, you know that we also favor shared development practices over charging everyone a set price for the same piece of code. We believe in a modern business philosophy backed by traditional mom and pop shop customer relations. This has become the drive for our shared library system (much like a computer operating system will share it's library code with programs that run on it), making our system one of the first true web applications on the web. This also allows us to design a piece of code for one business and then have that cost split with another business who needs similar functionality; once again, making NYNdesigns stand out from the rest.

When a feature has a large number of requests, we will design it in house (in this case meaning at our cost) and publish it to your CMS account (or web site) for absolutely no cost to you! Find another web firm who can offer you that! The most recent feature which will be published under this agreement, which is currently in the design stage of our evolutionary style (agile) development practice, is a fully featured email marketing solution.

The choice becomes clear, when looking for a truly dynamic web development team. NYNdesigns can't be matched in knowledge, service or, as you now know, design features.

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Web Design Content Management System has already received great respect and feedback amongst the local university computer science graduate student test candidates.…CMS Feature Design: Exciting EnhancementstrueWeb Design, Development, Programming and Hostingen