Your Logo - A Guide To Our Logo Design Process

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If you have chosen to brand your business with a custom logo design then this guide is for you! Logo designs are an exciting part of the branding process but there are a few minor – yet important - things to consider before meeting with our artists.

Logo Meeting & Approval Process

1. Logo Consultation Meeting

Your Logo Consultation Meeting, with one of our artists, will be approximately 30 minutes. This meeting is scheduled on a day and time selected by you and allows for a face to face “idea sharing session” with the artist designing your logo. Your meeting will consist of you, the client, supplying brief but clear information about your company (ex. business type, future company goals, your company’s current branding and contact information) along with your researched and prepared ideas of how you wish to be branded. The artist will provide suggestions and further concrete ideas based on your prepared ideas / notes to help direct you towards the design of your new professional logo. The artist’s visual direction when designing your logo will be based on your decisions made during your logo consultation meeting.

2. Logo Approval Meeting

Your Logo Approval Meeting, with one of our artists, will be approximately 30 minutes. After the Artist has completed 2 logo designs based on the notes from your Logo Consultation Meeting, you, the Client, will receive either a phone call or email to schedule your Logo Approval Meeting. During your Logo Approval Meeting, when both logo designs are presented to you, your designing artist will revisit the notes from the Logo Consultation Meeting and explain the designs in relation to the notes. Your artist will make sure the presented designs are very close to the notes ensuring your logo is what you have asked for. After the logos have been presented to you, you can either choose one logo as your approved company logo OR ask for one revision to one of the logo designs. If a revision is selected, the client can list the revisions required and the revised logo will be emailed to you for approval.

3. Approved Logo Files

Once the logo has been approved by you the client, all logo files will be created, saved and emailed to you. You will receive Display, Thumbnail and Print Ready versions of your approved logo.

Preparations for your Logo Consultation Meeting

In order to get the finest logo possible, it is always best to come prepared with ideas of what you think would make a great logo to represent your company. After all, no one knows your business better than you and we are here to professionally design that idea for you! At NYNDESIGNS we encourage our clients to research online so they have a better understanding of what they like and do not like in terms of design, colour, font-style and shape. If you are unsure of exactly what you should be preparing for prior to meeting with an artist to design your logo or just wish to know more about the makings of a great logo… it’s best to define what a logo “is and is not” so that you know what to look for!

Defining A Logo

Let’s start right at the beginning!

Q: What is a Logo?

A: Logos are an essential part of your business identity and branding in the eyes of a client.  A logo serves as visual shorthand for an organization, product, or service and can be thought of as a symbol to match your business name. They are featured on your websites, business cards, letterheads, signs, billboards, trade-show banners, pamphlets, flyers and print ads. Your logo will not only publicly identify who and what your business is, but will also derive its meaning from the quality of business it symbolizes. In other words, your logo becomes a visual representation that communicates not only who you are but the quality of service you provide to everyone that sees it. Your logo should demonstrate that your business is established, make your business memorable and separate you from your competition. It is a design of symbols, letters or shapes that signify just exactly who you are.

Q: What is not a Logo?

A: A logo is and can be many things… but, there are some things your logo cannot be. Your professional photographs and/or slogans are not your logo. In terms of your photography, photographs are not featured within the design of a logo. The same applies when it comes to slogans (slogans are a short and memorable phrase used in advertising or a motto associated with your business) as they too are not typically featured within the design of a logo. Both slogans and professional photographs can be a part of your overall brand, but the logo is a separate identity and in most cases takes precedence over them.

A Logo Example: The Golden Arches of the McDonald’s Corporation

To further clarify, let’s take a look at a major company that maximizes the advertising potential of a logo. The Branding of the McDonald’s Corporation is the perfect example that demonstrates exactly what a brand is, completed with the most important part – the logo! (The McDonald's logo(s) are trademarks of McDonald's Corporation. © Copyright 2010 - 2013 McDonald’s. All rights reserved.)

McDonalds Logo design and concept explanation

One of the best examples of a logo is “the golden Arches” that make up the famous McDonald’s “M” logo. It is an iconic symbol which when a client sees it - they immediately think of McDonald’s restaurants, their provided services and the food on the menu (and maybe even some memories of the times they have had at McDonald’s). All of these thoughts can happen just from this one simple shaped logo!? Basically… yes! The Iconic McDonald’s Logo itself IS the golden M. It is a design that is clean, simple, memorable and iconic because it has lasted for so long. In this case, the golden arches not only create the letter M but also represent the golden coloured French-fries that McDonald’s is so well known for. In this case, the design is not only eye-catching but also symbolic in meaning. The image on the right is an extended use of their logo because it is their road sign. Their road sign includes the company name as well, which is quite common in many logos. When a company name is included within the logo, an appropriate font style must be used to compliment the design. A font style (the typography or character style of the words or letters themselves) should never clash with the logo design but instead complement and balance it. Together the design and font (along with shape, style, colour and positioning) create a finalized and complete logo.

The McDonald’s Logo is created of these parts: These are areas to think about when visualizing your logo ideas!

Shape: The rounded M Letter within a rectangular box (sometimes with restaurant name underneath in an angled box)

Colour(s): Red, Golden Yellow, White

Position: The M by itself evenly spaced in the middle of a rectangular box. Or, the McDonald’s Company Name situated within the angled red box with the M above (slightly covering the angled red box)

Font/Typography: The name “McDonald’s” is written in Bolded Helvetica font: McDonald’s

Another Logo Example: Our very own logo!!

nyn designs logo

Our very own logo here at NYNDESIGNS is another type of logo. In this case, the shape and style of the font is the logo itself, rather than a symbol or separate design. NYN (say it like the number 9) stands for “Networking Your Niche”. By simplifying our name and removing the spacing we can still separate the two words by colour. By writing it as “NYN” rather than “nine or 9” we bring meaning to the type of work we create in the form of an anagram.

The NYNDESIGNS Logo is created of these parts: These are areas to think about when visualizing your logo ideas!

Shape: Rounded font without spacing, written letters of business name

Colour(s): Orange, Grey, White

Position: No spacing between words. All letters evenly spaced together. Networking Your Niche written below to the right.

Font/Typography: The name “NYNDESIGNS” is written in Capital letters.

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Branding you have chosen to brand your business with a custom logo design then this guide is for you! Logo designs are an exciting part of the branding process…Your Logo - A Guide To Our Logo Design ProcesstrueWeb Design, Development, Programming and Hostingen