NYN DESIGNS Releases Web OS 2.5

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NYN DESIGNS released Web OS 2.5 -- Windows on the Web -- today! Control Your Web Site, Social Media & Business Securely Online. Web OS replaces, the now deprecated, CMS 2.0 -- and adds several new enhancements to the user interface, along with many other performance, security and Web OS specific features.

Web OS is located securely 24 hours, 7 days a week online at webos.nyndesigns.com. Previous versions will automatically direct you here, so you don't need to change your bookmarks.

New UI Features

Navigation Menu

Web OS improves the previous navigation menu in several ways. One of the new more simplistic additions, requires you to click the menu to open it -- very much like Windows and other Operating Systems. This stops the menu from opening when your mouse cursor hovers over it -- which could be inconvenient while multi-tasking, or switching between windows at times.

Show / Hide Desktop

You can now show / hide all open windows in the current workspace by simply clicking the Show / Hide Desktop icon located in the bottom left corner of the Web OS interface.

Active Session

If you spend a lot of time on Web OS -- you'll see the Session Time-out message from time to time, forcing you to login. One of the unique features of Web OS, is that you don't loose anything you were working on, as the system remembers this for you!

Web OS times-out after 2 hours of inactivity. You can now explicitly force Web OS to keep your session active, which means you won't see this message again (unless you clear your browser cache). Note: Your session times-out for an added security measure -- it helps prevent someone from using your account while you are not around. Use this option with caution -- if you are working on a public computer or often forget to logout when you've completed your day, you may not want to enable this option.

You can enable active session by clicking the Enable Active Session icon located in the bottom left corner of the Web OS interface.

Desktop Workspaces

Web OS further improves your workflow by adding desktop workspaces. You can work on several tasks simultaneous, in the same browser tab / window. Using the window style interface allows you to multitask, and get things done faster (example: processing, exchanging, returning tickets for several different events) -- Workspaces make it even faster to switch between several very different tasks (example: processing, ... tickets for several different events; and managing your social accounts; and generating sales reports; and ...).

Switching Workspaces With Your Mouse:

Located on the bottom right corner of the Web OS interface is a graphical representation of which Desktop Workspace you are currently located on. To change your current workspace, you can click the square representing the workspace you want to move to.

Switching Workspaces With Your Keyboard:

You can optionally switch to a different workspace by using your keyboard. This is especially helpful if you have maximized windows open in your current workspace.

You can directly change your workspace by pushing: Ctrl + Shift + {number key} where the number key is the number representing the workspace you wish to move to.

Additionally, you can move to a different workspace by pushing: Ctrl + Shift + {arrow key} where the arrow key is the direction, from your current workspace to the desired workspace, you wish to move.

Show / Hide Table Columns

You can show / hide table columns by selecting the Show / hide columns button located to the top left of select tables. By checking / unchecking a label you will effectively show / hide the corresponding table column. Sorting and other options applied to a given column will persist, even if the column is hidden. By default, Web OS hides tables with created on / by, updated on / by columns. Print views will maintain hidden columns.

Order Columns

You can order columns within a table by dragging / dropping the column label to the position you desire. This allows you to sort your data more freely. Print views will maintain re-positioned columns.

Faster Loading

Select tables (with several hundred plus entries) now utilize faster methods to ensure they load optimally. If you see the Processing message while sorting / searching a table -- it has been updated to utilize this new system.


Thank You

NYN DESIGNS would like to thank you for your continued support and use of Web OS. For any inquirers regarding Web OS 2.5, please contact a representative here.


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