A Canadian corporation — specializing in the development of Web sites & Web applications — located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


Demystify all aspects of custom website design and development for business decision makers.

Provide thorough, expert consultation and transparent, cost-efficient recommendations based on core web development techniques and de facto agile design.

Deliver web platforms and integrated web operating systems that enhance brands while meeting current requirements and yet-to-be determined future requirements.

Keep our clients well ahead of the curve in adapting to the continuous evolution of the web.

Construct web content and data management capabilities that are truly quick and easy to use.


What it does not involve is off-the-shelf templates, graphic guidelines and plug ‘n play app’s that deliver little more than an online business card.

What it does mean is the recognition that, in today’s world, your website is a primary facet of your brand identity and a reflection of your business capabilities. It must be as inviting and easy to understand as you would be in person. Making that happen will require the creation of, and adherence to, a focused branding strategy involving a team of business, marketing, content, design and development specialists.

At NYNDESIGNS, we develop comprehensive blueprints capable of meeting and surpassing your current branding needs, while building in flexibility for evolutionary trends…in your business and on the web.


We will provide an initial one-hour discovery meeting at no charge.

With client approval, we will submit an estimate for the preparation of a detailed project outline with detailed costs, based upon current needs, for review, discussion, amendment and approval.

All development will be undertaken to permit optimum, cost-efficient expansion to accommodate future needs, minimizing or, ideally, eliminating costly retro-fit programming.

Deliverables and time-lines, for both parties, will be established and signed off.

Adherence to these benchmarks will crystallize progressive billings. Non-compliance by either party will attract pre-determined penalties.

At NYNDESIGNS, we are dedicated to clarity and collaboration.

We deliver leading edge computer science with absolute transparency.